We provide complete access to Facebook topic data. 99% of the other companies in our industry don’t.

We are one of the few companies in the world with full access to Facebook topic data. Until recently, only a tiny fraction of worldwide interaction type, sentiment, and source data was available, but now it’s all available in real time on ORBIT™. 

Top Influencers

We track and provide real-time engagement opportunities with the most influential individuals in every country, on any topic. 

We go far beyond generic lists like ‘mommy bloggers’ and ‘football fans.’ Do you want to engage with the most influential Millennials who run 5Ks, listen to rap music, and prefer to buy their shoes in specialty shops and not big box retailers? We can do that. ORBIT™ can pinpoint the most influential people on very specific subjects, on-demand.

Our world-class team of Harvard-based pollsters, strategists, software architects and designers stay at your service, making sure you get the most out of ORBIT. 

With decades of experience advising heads of state, Fortune 500 CEOs, military generals, entertainers and athletes, our founders created ORBIT™ as a simple way to offer insights previously only available though large, expensive research projects.