How It Works


ORBIT™ is unlike any other social media dashboard available today.  It is a data-driven communications platform developed by a global team of Harvard pollsters, Google UI designers, data scientists and software architects.  Facebook topic data is the foundation of the platform that also includes unique access to Twitter influencers and topic, sentiment, and influencer data from regional social networks from around the world.  Minutes after our account directors set up your account,  anyone from the most to the least tech-savvy person can immediately gain insight and answer questions such as: 


In real-time, ORBIT™ streams millions of pieces of data from Facebook, Twitter, and other influential social networks around the world into our database where we use proprietary algorithms to organize, rank, visualize and distribute insights to clients who subscribe to one of our packages.  Whether your needs are focused on research and insights only, or insights and engagement through paid or organic content strategies, our team works with you throughout the engagement to ensure that your goals are met and your team is able to take full advantage of the greatest warehouse of public and consumer data in the world.

In short, ORBIT™ allows you unprecedented global capabilities to understand – and influence - public or consumer opinion.