We provide complete access to Facebook topic data. 
99% of the other companies in our industry don’t.

SocialSphere is one of a limited number of companies in the world with complete access to Facebook topic data.  Until now, the world could only analyze a small fraction (approximately 3%, or only the interactions marked public) of the billions of interactions on Facebook every day.  Now, through our ORBIT™ software, it is possible to track all interactions, the sentiment, source and type, in a given subject as they unfold in real-time.  Because Facebook and SocialSphere keep individual privacy paramount – all data is anonymized and aggregated in real-time – before it is displayed on the ORBIT™ dashboard.

We track and provide real-time engagement opportunities with
the most influential individuals in every country, on any topic.

We go far beyond curated, often generic lists such as “mommy bloggers,” “wine enthusiasts,” or “football fans.” Instead, our ORBIT™ Influencer apps pinpoint the 100, 1,000 or 100,000 most influential people on very specific subjects.  Do you want to know and engage with the most influential Manchester United fútbol fans on Twitter?  We can do that.  How about the most influential Millennials who run 5Ks, listen to hip hop music, prefer to buy their shoes in specialty shops and not big box retailers?  We can handle that too.  And if you want to know who the most influential voices are in politics in just about any city from North America to South America, through Europe, Middle East and Asia – we have been doing that for years.

Our world-class team of Harvard-based pollsters, strategists, software architects and designers stay at your service, making sure you get the most out of ORBIT

With a few decades of experience advising heads of state, Fortune 500 CEOs, military generals, entertainers and athletes, our founders created ORBIT™ as a simple way to offer scale to the insights previously only able to be delivered though large, complex, custom and expensive research projects.  Integrated into our subscriptions are 150 hours of support from our technical, analytics and strategy teams, so that every client has the opportunity to learn from our unparalleled experience putting data like this into context and action in every corner of the globe for the world’s most interesting clients.