What It Is

ORBIT™ is a one-of-a-kind data driven communications and measurement software platform that provides real-time access to anonymized and aggregated Facebook content and all relevant information about your brand's Top 1,000 influencers on Twitter.

ORBIT™ allows you to go far beyond your own branded page and drill down into all interactions (either public or private) about your brand, competition, or topic on Facebook -- and be able to segment by gender, age, location and sentiment among many other factors.

Additionally, ORBIT™ also provides real-time access and a platform to engage with your Top 1,000 influencers as they create content about your brand or subject on Twitter.

Why You Need It

ORBIT™ software — with all of our proprietary algorithms and databases — has been years in development, and rooted in the success we’ve had of providing similar services to blue chip brands and governments around the world.  The software has been developed for marketers, communications officers, researchers, strategists, media buyers — and is now available by subscription.  Among the many use cases for ORBIT™ are:

Brand Management & Crisis Communications

Create a 24/7 real-time monitor of brand perceptions, campaign effectiveness and breaking news

Public Opinion and Market Research

The most compelling and insightful dataset available about what the public and your customers care about; discover and map unforeseen relationships, context and opportunities

Media Placement

Take advantage of advertising arbitrage opportunities through individual and large-scale behavioral audience targeting on Twitter and Facebook with ORBIT™ and other proprietary SocialSphere databases

Business Intelligence

Predictive modeling based on integrated and proprietary data sets, demographic and geographic variables 

Influencer Marketing

Identification of and engagement with 1,000s of the most influential customers, prospects and stakeholders in easy and compelling ways through both organic and paid outreach 



Public Opinion Research & Strategy

With decades of experience on the cutting edge of measuring public opinion on a global basis for heads of state, Fortune 500 CEOs, military generals, athletes and entertainers this world view informs everything we do at SocialSphere. Our founders met on the Harvard Public Opinion Project in the early 2000s and our CEO also serves part-time as Director of Polling at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, where he directs America's best known and highly respected study of the Millennial generation. We are honored to served as chief pollster for the United States Marine Corps Recruiting Command and have polled recently for other select public clients including POLITICO and the Boston Globe.



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