We are honored to work with some of the most inspiring brands, organizations and leaders in the world.  Below are a handful of examples across our public affairs, entertainment, sports and consumer practice areas.  Many of these clients, and others not included, are engaged with us in multiple regions and languages around the world, including English, Arabic, Mandarin and others.


Real insight is actually still quite rare in spite of the fact that everyone today claims to have them on tap. But, for the U.S. Marines, one of our oldest “heritage” accounts, SocialSphere has delivered a steady stream of jaw-dropping revelations into the true nature of its recruitment problems and the ways they can be solved, including implementation. Part technology, part political science, part trends detection, part hypothesis-testing and part cutting edge, academia-inspired research methodology, SocialSphere’s offering is truly unique. As the armed services enter a very difficult post-war recruiting and retention environment their value will be even greater.
— Randy Shepard, Senior Partner & Planning Director, JWT Atlanta
SocialSphere is at the forefront of social media.
— Suphatra Paravichai, Global Digital Marketing, Microsoft
I have worked with SocialSphere (and its preceding company) for more than 10 years and found them head and shoulders above others in the field. They conduct more than research, their strategic insight - after they learn your business - is invaluable.  Not only are they able to deliver world class details about your operations, they are able to integrate their efforts with the advertising firm and product line to present a singular communications plan. 

I hired them after I took over as the Executive Director of the NH Lottery and we had endured 6 straight years of negative sales, culminating in the worst performance - and the most severe decline - of any lottery in the US in 2010.  Within 18 months of engagement of SocialSphere, the NH Lottery was one of the fastest growing lotteries in the US. For the period of 2012-2013, not only was NH the fastest growing lottery in New England (20% growth in 2 years), it was more than the rest of the region combined.  I often tell people that SocialSphere is playing chess and everyone else in their market is playing checkers.
— Charlie McIntyre, Executive Director, New Hampshire Lottery