orbit Influencer engagement platform

ORBIT Offers Authentic Engagement with Influencers, for Highest Possible Impact.

For every client, our goal is to help them identify, empower and ask for more from their audience, fans and stakeholders.
— John Della Volpe, SocialSphere

ORBIT™ is designed around the concept that in order to understand and influence public opinion, listening and engaging with (citizen) influencers is critical. 

For most, people turn to Twitter to engage with the issues they're passionate about, and when they are recognized via a RT, favorite, follow or reply by someone of stature (a brand, celebrity, elected official, respected individual in their field), beautiful things often happen.  It changes their day, and instantly, hundreds or thousands of their friends and connections  know that they're recognized and respected for something they said. 

Social capital is built; relationships begin that can lead to greater attention and trust.

Our ORBIT™ platform streamlines this process so all influencer tweets on specific subjects are streamed into a platform (web, tablet, mobile ready), ranked by impact so that client's can engage with their audience in the moment.  Additionally, larger audiences or segments can be imported directly into the Twitter ad platform to allow for Tailored Audience promotions.  Using SocialSphere influencer lists have proven on every occasion to have greater impact for less money than traditional Twitter-only targeting.