The practice of both the Art + Science of polling has never been more important than it it today. 

SocialSphere has delivered a steady stream of jaw-dropping revelations into the true nature of [the Marines’] recruitment problems.
— Randy Shepard, Senior Partner & Planning Director, JWT Atlanta

millennial and post-millennial expertise 

Our founder is regarded as one of world's experts on understanding the attitudes of the Millennial generation, especially on issues related to politics, public service, trust and the media.  His Harvard study, which began in 2000, has been cited hundreds of times and has been used by leaders in academia, politics, policy and media -- and this work has now been extended to more than 20 countries.

rigorous data collection tailored by client, country & topic

Whether the project calls for probability sampling based on address or telephone -- online interviewing for message testing, video, image and counter displays -- mobile, intercept or door-to-door -- our team has led thousands of research projects around the world and will recommend the data collection method that best fits the unique client and project goals.

 John Della Volpe on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,  October 26, 2016

John Della Volpe on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, October 26, 2016

town halls, focus groups

Especially in today's turbulent times, it is as important as ever to listen to how our client's constituents and audiences live their lives and approach the issues, products and ideas that affect them.  Our in-house and network of qualitative research experts play an integral role in all aspects of our primary and secondary research design.

ethnography, in-depth interviewing

We have always believed it is important to understand not just what people say, but observe what they do.  Our team of ethnographers have decades of experience developing products and making public and professional spaces more inviting and efficient.