our vision 

Power lies with the people


Our analog culture has been largely supplanted by a digital one, yet the axiom remains rock-solid: nothing trumps word of mouth. Around the globe, today’s citizens, fans and stakeholders are both smarter and more skeptical. They see through hollow marketing and persuasion campaigns and rely on one another for guidance. The power lies with the people. The key, then, is to understand and leverage that power and put it to work for you. That’s where we come in. That is why we started SocialSphere in 2007.

We are a collection of unique individuals, rooted in the Harvard community and the distinctive Harvard Square culture—allowing us to remain in-touch with the people and places that shape our world. We come from the highest levels of politics, business, analytics, technology, and marketing. Our team is fueled by creative collaboration, constant curiosity and innovation everyday. We believe in real relationships and honest interactions. 

Our founder has created and currently directs the longest-running study in the world on the Millennial generation for Harvard Kennedy School's Institute of Politics; together, we have used these and other insights to help elect and advise heads of state; provide guidance to many of the world’s most successful private and public enterprises; and we have built the most efficient and effective suite of analytics and engagement tools that have helped transform the organizations that use them. 

And, we’re just getting started.




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