SocialSphere Leadership


Founder and CEO

John Della Volpe, Founder and CEO, and Director of Polling at Harvard IOP is one of the world’s leading authorities on global sentiment, opinion and influence. He is an Eisenhower Fellow (’08), “Future Legend of Marketing” (’13) and advisor to big brands, heads of state, military generals, athletes and entertainers. A frequent contributor to MSNBC’s Morning Joe and other media outlets, his first research-tech company was acquired by IPG in the late 1990s. 

Co-founder and Chief Analytics Officer

Jonathan Chavez, Co-founder and Chief Analytics Officer, began working with John in the early 2000s. A native of Texas and ’05 graduate from Harvard, Jonathan has emerged as one of the most talented analytical minds in America. His statistical models have been used to predict everything from political elections, to the efficiency of NBA players, to success on the PGA Tour, to box office openings, and to the value of billion-dollar enterprises. 



Slava Brodskiy, CTO, is a software industry veteran with over 20 years of experience building software engineering teams and commercial software products. Prior to SocialSphere, Slava was VP of Technology at Lycos, Inc., and previously served as Director of Engineering at NameMedia, Inc. Slava has a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Kharkov State University, Ukraine.


Ralph Verrilli, COO, was recently COO of Vistagy, the leader in engineering software for the aerospace and automotive markets. At Vistagy, Ralph was instrumental in managing operations, customer acquisition and retention and international expansion. By the time Vistagy was acquired by Siemens, the company had over 400 blue chip customers worldwide and had operations in 10 countries.