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United States Marine Corps

For nearly a decade we have worked alongside JWT Atlanta as the strategic research partner on behalf of the USMC's Recruiting Command.  We are proud that our work was featured in the 2012 Jay Chiat Gold Award for Research Innovation, and continue to provide strategic research and counsel on many of the most challenging questions facing America, service and the military.  The result of our most recent efforts and advertising campaign are here.



Our long-term relationship with adidas dates back many years when we used social analytics to identify influencers for a new product launch.  Our relationship has evolved and we now use ORBIT™ to provide ongoing access and insight from the most influential soccer, hockey and college basketball fans in North America to better inform the Sport Licensing Division's product development, retail and e-commerce strategies.  

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On the brink of the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) commissioned us to conduct a national poll and presentation on American awareness and views toward the famine and refugee crisis in Africa and the Middle East.  Discussing the findings, IRC President and CEO David Milliband noted that “More than any other group of Americans, millennials recognize the severity of the hunger crisis and are ready to take on the responsibility of being members of a global community.”  The poll successfully raised awareness in the U.S. and U.K., including an editorial in the Washignton Post.


NBC Universal  

We have worked on the promotion, marketing and fan engagement of more than a dozen films, in multiple genres, across three major studios in recent years.  For each film, we use our ORBIT™ platform to identify and engage with fans in key markets in the U.S. and around the world during the screening process.   KPIs routinely show greater levels of engagement (compared to traditional techniques) during the screening and throughout the campaign and our fans have been responsible for generating tens of millions of impressions for films directed and produced by JJ Abrams, Ron Howard, Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen among others.

We thought we had the answers, it was the questions we had wrong.
— Bono

While this lyric from a 1980's rock song didn't quite change the world, it does inform our research in significant ways.  The process of listening to and engaging our client's audiences through various forms of qualitative research, including town halls, is key to ensuring that we remain in touch with public opinion, and are polls are able to deliver game-changing insights and strategies.


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ORBIT Analytics + Engagement

We believe that in order to understand public opinion, one must ask what people think through survey research, but also observe what they share and how they engage on social media.

ORBIT™ is unlike any other social media dashboard available today.  It is a data-driven communications platform developed by a global team of Harvard pollsters, Google UI designers, data scientists and software architects.  Facebook is the foundation of the platform which also includes unique access to Twitter influencers, Google trends, topic, sentiment, and influencer data from regional social networks from around the world.  

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